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Research Paper:

PicknPaper is a well known name in the realm of academic writing services providing you with well researched and fully referenced papers for your Dissertation writing, Thesis writing, Journal writing, Synopsis or proposal, Research analysis, Proof reading, Essay or coursework. Our creative writing team consists of experts who are adroit in conducting researches and writing papers on any kind of subject matter. At PicknPaper we refer to the most relevant and latest resources to ensure you the best research output. In addition to this, our associates are highly proficient in working with a variety of citation styles. In the end, the what you get is a write-up that is well researched, unique and most importantly plagiarism free.

Virtual Assistance:

Having a virtual assistant working for you is highly advantageous for you as it can save you a lot of hard works and time. With a vast network of skilled virtual assistants Picknpaper is undoubtedly being one of the top virtual assistant service providers. Our virtual assistance services offers you with a variety of services that helps you to boost the margin of your profits. Want to know the services we provide under our virtual assistance package? Have a look:

Database Entries: From the sales information to the inventory cost to the contact details of your vendors and stakeholders, everything stored in your company or business database. Thus, it is always important to have your business database updated; so it is always good to have an additional pair of hands who will take care of all your database entries. The virtual assistants from Picknpaper will help you to manage your database entries and will keep your database updated so that you do not face any problem.

Database Presentation: In the business world, it is often required to turn your raw piles of data into a beautiful PowerPoint presentation or a well researched document file. But it is highly inconvenient for you to manage your database presentations, so avail our virtual assistance service and get this problem covered in the most dextrous manner.

Online research: Online research is a key for a business to reach new heights. Avail an efficient VA from Picknpaper and achieve new business feats by letting your VA do all the online research for you regarding new products, websites, company contacts and various other matters.

Managing Email: It is not always possible for you to manage emails and to provide individual replies. Thus, avail our virtual assistance service to have your emails managed by a proficient virtual assistant without having to worry yourself.

Other than these, we also provide virtual assistance service in travel research, social tasks, business chases, scheduling and Industry knowledge preparation.  Avail the best services on virtual assistance from us at Picknpaper and take your business to new heights with the help of our efficient virtual assistants.


We at Picknpaper offer you comprehensive transcription services suited to your needs. Now record important details of your meetings, events, speeches, or seminars and then leave the rest to us. Our team of proficient transcriptionists are there to cater to your requirements. The PicknPaper transcription solutions aids our clients in highly regulated fields, like legal, banking, telecom and financial services industries to  manage their unique transcription  requirements. We understand that business meetings, and professional recordings can contain sensitive data, so security of sensitive data is something  which we  take strict care of. We assure total transcription security by maintaining confidentiality of  data through complex  information security practices and providing restricted access with passwords to ensure a secure environment for data protection and deletion. Trust Picknpaper and watch your transcriptions being done seamlessly.

Document Review:

The primary purpose of first level document review is to re-assess documents and determine whether or not they’re “responsive” or “non-responsive” as they pertain to a specific legal case or issue. In essence, first level document review forms part of the discovery phase of litigation. It is performed prior to producing and after receiving documents pursuant to a legal “Request for Production of Documents.” It is the initial review phase that helps narrow the document set to a responsive and workable data set for later, more senior review.

With our deep understanding and profound study of litigation, we can eventually help our clients in the area of document review.